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Welcome to our Jordan Page!

Jordan is a small Country with an area of 89,287 Square Kilometers and approximately 4 million inhabitants . It is situated in the very heart of the Arab World with only one outlet to the sea at the port of Aqaba, located at the northernmost tip of the Red Sea

Jordan has common borders with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Israel. Due to its geographic position , Jordan has played an important roll as a stabilizing political factor in the Middle East . The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan is a democratic constitutional monarchy with His Majesty King Hussein at the helm . Executive power is clearly defined and vested in the counsel of ministers . The legislative authority is composed of the two-chamber House of Parliament: The Upper House (senate) with 40 members appointed by the King and the eighty member elected Lower House (Chamber of Deputies). The authority as vested in the King requires that all laws be endorsed by Royal Decree before being published in the Official Gazette. The freedom of speech, press and religious belief are guaranteed by the Constitution.

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